Monday, April 13, 2009


I ordered some Pima cotton with Lissa a while back with the intention of making gowns for the baby's first infancy. First infancy is the period from birth through 4-6 months or when the baby starts creeping. These gowns can be plain or embellished and are long, anywhere from just covering the feet to a foot longer than that. Once they reach the second infancy and start to be mobile then the gowns are shortened to facilitate their efforts to crawl. For some really nice examples of mid-1860's baby clothes check out Amy's blog (A day in 1862). I have one original baby gown that I really prize but don't have any pictures to share of it. :-( I'm getting more in the mood to sew after just recovering from my 3 month bout of near-comatoseness. I don't get morning sickness but I do get ridiculously tired and very, very hungry. I'm not complaining, truly I'm not, but the near continual bouts of low blood sugar do get tiring. Anyway, that's past and I can begin to be me again instead of the weird woman who was inhabiting my body.

The baby has begun to make its presence known with the small kicks and nudges that are so comforting. I haven't been to see anybody, Doctor or Midwife, so I haven't heard the heartbeat or had any of the modern proceedures that give the "proof" of a baby. I wanted to just wait like women used to for the "quickening", so it was very welcome when it finally happened. I usually notice something around 15 weeks and it was the same way this time.
Have you ever noticed that the older you get the more like yourself you become? I had a friend who phrased it that way, just another way of saying that we become set in our ways as we get older. I have become more and more convinced as I've gotten older that this season is meant to be a sacred special thing and modern medicine can be very degrading to that notion. I can't reconcile the Scripture about babies being knit in secret with blood tests, dopplers and especially ultrasounds. There is no secret in any of that. Now, I want to hasten to say that I'm not condemning anybody who chooses differently. All of us have to do as we think best, and I understand that the medical proceedures can be very comforting to women. It's reassuring to see the baby alive and well on an ultrasound, I understand that perfectly and I'm not posting this as a "how to be perfectly pregnant" post. BTW, I really dislike the word "pregnant", I don't know why but it seems trashy to me, but I digress....... I'm just sharing with you how I feel at this moment in time, I'm not engraving anything in stone. I will see someone eventually but the longer I can put off what I know I'm not going to agree with, the better. Did you know, for instance, that 80-90% of amniocentesis' are performed solely because a woman is over 35? That's a risky proceedure, an OB told me that whenever they do one they have a surgical team standing by in case something goes wrong. They do these in case you're carrying a Down's Syndrome baby and might like to kill it. Only 10% of Down's babies are ever born. Just one example of Modern Medicine being grossly out of whack.

So for now I'll take comfort in the fact that my body knows what it's doing and just trust it. Maybe that's part of the problem, that we just don't trust ourselves anymore and find solace in having an expert to tell us whether we're OK or not. I don't know, but it's food for thought anyway! I hope everybody had a blessed Resurrection Day!


  1. Reading your thoughts bring a great deal of comfort to mine. When I realized that something was wrong with my thrid pregnancy, the first thing that "modern medicine" wanted to do was to be ready to terminate.

    I thank the Lord in His great mercy, that I listened to Him and not the doctors. I now, have a beautiful daughter that is the joy of our lives.

    I am glad that you are feeling better :)


    Lady M

  2. Hi Paris,

    Great post! (Oh, and thanks for the compliment about my baby clothes!) I'm inspired by how content you are to just let the medical industry stay at bay and let God reveal your "little mystery" to you. Everyone I know who has already had children seems to possess that kind of contentment.

    I really wished I could be one of those people, but this being my first baby, I was so wide-eyed and nervous I just went directly to a midwife. :) Since then, though, God has given me a sense of peace about enduring pregnancy and childbirth to the point where I really don't feel the need to take a class. I don't feel like I have to be led by the hand, I guess. I believe that my body and God will carry me through it, so long as I just be still and listen.

    I'm over 35 and was given options to do Downs (and other chromosome defect) testing. We decided early on that we wouldn't abort anyway, so we've declined all those "optional" tests...except the ultrasound, I guess, in which we looked for "markers" for defects.

    I sure wish I could be one of those people who can say, with every confidence in the world, that I'll be perfectly ok with whatever God gives me. But the truth is.......the thought of having a baby with a disability scares the daylights out of me. I'm always praying that if God gives us a baby with a disability, that He'll also give us the courage to deal with it. But the prospect really frightens me. I guess that's my humanity talking. :)

    Oh, I'm rambling and need to get back to work. Congrats again! I can't wait to see your baby clothes. You are such a pretty seamstress!

  3. Oh, what a lovely post, Paris. So, you are "with child" ;) I see? Congratulations! How wonderful, and I must say that I'm jealous, even though my child bearing is done with.

    I agree whole-heartedly with you on some of those tests. I wouldn’t get an amniocentesis either if I were having a baby; I would NOT kill my baby. With my third, I refused the glucose tolerance test. Without going into all of my reasons, they are quite similar to yours. My daughter is the same way.

    So will this be #9? And, when is this special little gift to arrive? ;)

  4. Oh Paris, how exciting! This is a beautiful post! We had ultrasounds with all 3 of our boys but refused testing otherwise. I wish with my first we had NOT had an ultrasound since it was because of a seemingly low water level at a routine ultsasound I was forced to give birth via c section at 34 weeks. My current doctor was appalled at what I went through with the doctor I had for my first 2 pregnancies and said my first baby would likely have been absolutely fine and further testing would have been needed to see if the water level was really low, anyway!

    Congratulations again!! I am SO happy for you!

  5. Lady M, what an interesting post your story would make, you should write it! Thank God for your lovely little girl!

    Zebu, I understand baby envy very well. ;-) Yes, this will be #9 and is due on oldest son's 19th birthday, September 23. However, I always go late so this could possibly be an October baby after all.

    Sarah Jane, thank you! I wonder too if your 1st wouldn't have been fine, Abigail has *no* amniotic fluid, was posterior and couldn't turn because her cord was tightly over her shoulder. We transfered to the hospital, got an OB who is notoriously c-section happy and still birthed naturally. It amazes me even now! But, your baby's are all here safe and sound and God is in control of even the worst circumstances. It must all work for our good. ;-)