Sunday, April 5, 2009

Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring are everywhere these days. It smells like Spring and it certainly looks like Spring. The children came home yesterday with armfuls of Spring Beauties to make into bouquets and fill most available jars. Katie said that the Bloodroot is blooming as is the Coltsfoot in the raised bed. We planted sugar peas last Tuesday which is another sign that warmer weather is here to stay. I guess I'm convinced. And as if that's not enough, one of the Mama banties decided to set a few weeks ago and now has 2 bitty babies hatched out completely and another 5 to go. She's camera shy at present so no pictures.

Our laying hens and meat chickens should be arriving Tuesday or Wednesday and we look forward to fresh meat and a greater quantity of eggs than we're getting right now. Also, Aleks put 35 Narragansett turkey eggs in one of the incubators so in 28 days there should be enough poultry on the place to satisfy everyone!

Sing a song of seasons,
Something bright in all.
Flowers in the Springtime,
Fires in the Fall!


  1. It is so enjoyable to read about your farm and what you are doing :)

    Alas, the Lord has not seen fit to give me that little piece of land where I can to raise poultry, but I know He will.

    Thank you for sharing.


    Lady M