Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2 dresses, a scarf and another meme

Happy Tuesday everybody! It's rather cold and cruddy here and I'm definitely longing to be out of doors, but Spring is almost here! The days are lengthening as we notice, especially in the evening, when more chores can be done before lighting the lantern. We have been going about our days as usual with nothing very outstanding happening. This seemed like a good time to post about Rebekah's 1840's dress since I got a good picture of her in it combing out Abigail's hair today.
Abigail is wearing a dress that Katie just made her. In true 1860's fashion Katie tore apart one of her own gowns that was badly faded, turned the goods inside out and made a new, little dress for her sister. It has plenty of growing room and the colors look almost new.

As per Mrs. R's advice, I bought a knitting loom and Tabitha just finished this scarf. It's all wool and would have been longer had she not run out of yarn, but as it is she wears it as a shawl or shoulder cape. She is excessively proud of herself (Mom is too!) and her first completed article!

Tiff recently did an interesting meme which basically consists of: you get to ask me any question that you're curious about and I'll answer them. It can be about anything.... lifestyle, home schooling, gardening, sewing, you know, whatever. It's supposed to be curiousity questions, not like a 50 page missive on growing tomatoes. :-) I'd prefer if you e-mailed the questions to: yankeeingenuity1860@yahoo.com

Of course, if nobody asks me anything then I'll just make some questions up, lol.


  1. The plaid dress is just darling. The other dress is a very suitable splash of a colorful thing for your daughter. The scarf (or is it a shawl) is a very practical gray and very prettily modeled. The young knitter must be very proud on her first knitting outing.

    Keep up the good work all!


  2. Ooh! I love the 40s printed dress. And good for Tabitha finshing her first project! Congratulations!

  3. What lovely dresses! Your precious daughter did a marvelous job :)...yep! you must be quite proud of seeing her accomplish it.



  4. The dresses are wonderful, and I LOVE the fact that Katie used her own faded dress to make a new one that looks beautiful. I get tears when reading your posts, Paris. I AM hormonal right now--more so than usual (age?). Nonetheless, you inspire me.

    Oh, I had a question. I love the warmth of wool as do you. Do the children not itch horribly wearing wool undergarments (I remember Laura Ingalls sitting in school trying not to scratch because she had her red flannels on ;).

  5. I love their dresses and the prints are just so pretty and bold! I also love the scarf! she must be so proud to have made it herself! :)

    My sister Bethany over at a diary of seamstress told me about your blog and its just lovely! I love seeing others who make civil war and other historic clothing! :)

    Oh and I have a dress made out of the same purple fabric that Sarah Jane made you a wrapper out of! My sister Bethany made it for me. Love that fabric!