Friday, March 12, 2010

But I don't *want* to save time!

Ready or not here it comes, the annual disruption of your body's clock known as Daylight Saving Time. I detest DST, it throws off bedtime, mealtimes, milking schedules, school schedules and I definitely don't cotton to anything that robs me of sleep. So this year we decided that our strategy is going to be no strategy, we simply aren't going to change our clocks. We couldn't come up with a single good reason to, we aren't in society enough to make it worth the disruption to ourselves, so we will keep "slow time". Mr. G will leave for work at 4 instead of 5 and he'll be home by 9 instead of 10. That's nice! So with that decision made I could turn to other pressing matters like finishing off syrup and dyeing Asa's wool soaker. It was the white one that he had on in the amber teething necklace picture. I like white and everything, but it looked dingy in a hurry so I dyed it with walnut hulls and it changed to a beautiful, non-toxic, golden brown. Mmm, I love brown. :-)

But back to the syrup. This year doesn't look like it's going to turn out much better than last year. The optimal sap flowing conditions are days above freezing and nights below freezing, instead this year has been eons of Winter and boom! 60 degree days. The weather man says cooler nights ahead so perhaps all is not lost. We do have seeds started indoors and that's cheerful and we did get the yard cleaned up today so that's good too!

I am still going to do the "ask me no questions I'll tell you no lies" (ha ha) meme but I haven't gotten around to it yet. It seems like I had more to say but I'm having a hard time remembering what it was....... anyway, have a lovely weekend!


  1. That's awesome! I wish I could not do Daylight Savings time too, but we're too connected to everything else. It always messes the kids and their sleeping schedules up for weeks. I like the soaker. Very nice!

  2. Daylights savings time - I couldn't agree more. I absolutely detest it and wish we would just stay on one time all year long. I truly wish I could stay on the same time but I, unfortunately, am not able.

    Syrup - You sent me some last year...I've been hooked ever since and my lovely wife searches for "the real thing" for me now.

  3. Having lived in Ohio almost my entire life, I am pretty accustomed to DST. The year I moved to Indiana was the first year they adopted it, and people were freaking out! They had no idea what to do or how to adjust. I don't care for it myself, but it was a little funny to watch the DST chaos.

    I hear ya on the maple suaring- the historical farm where I work does an annual event for it every year, starting tomorrow. They didn't tap the trees until this past Monday, meaning we lost out on close to 2 weeks worth of prime sap flow. It has reached 50+ the past few days, so it's just a matter of time before the trees bud and the sap is worthless.

    BTW- I sent you a google friend connect message that should have shown up in your email about me having to delete my blog that you subscribed to. Historicall Ken said he didn't get it, did you recieve yours? I'd hate for my readers I just shut down with out saying anything.

  4. Chandra,
    I noticed that you hadn't been writing lately but I didn't know you deleted your blog. I'm very sorry to hear it, I never got your message either. :-/

    If Hale Farm doesn't actually let the people taste the syrup then it doesn't matter that much whether the trees bud or not. I mean the syrup will smell bad but the process is the same. I've never wanted to run down Hale Farm because I know that you work there and really like it, but nothing that management does there really surprises me much. :-)
    Mrs. G

  5. We hate daylight saving time too. David thinks it is pointless, but because of his job, and our church, we really have to make the switch or else he'd get fired and we'd miss half of the church service. :)

    I'd love to try natural dyeing sometime. I haven't had very good luck with dyeing in the past but I still dream of becoming good at it someday. :)

    Chandra- I noticed your blog was deleted when I tried to visit it the other day. Hope all is going well for you, I enjoyed reading the posts you had. . .

  6. Mrs.G- is there an email address I could sent you a message on? I'd like to discuss something with you, but not on public comments.

  7. Walnut hulls-What a wonderful idea! I love it!

    And, on the darker (or is it lighter) side, I too hate daylight savings time. It messes up EVERYTHING! What a neat idea not to participate! If your hubby doesn’t get messed up changing back and forth between work and home, then good for you all. We turned ours back tonight, and I do it begrudgingly every single year. Why don’t they (whoever they is) leave well enough alone?

    I am sending you an email, Paris, as I wanted to speak of things more private.

    Oh, coincidently, I just saw Chandra’s post on sending you an email. Like minds think the same, I guess.