Monday, March 22, 2010

Asa is 6 months old!

Today marks the half year anniversary of the day that Asa joined our family! Time truly does fly by and it's hard to imagine what life was like without him. He's doing all sorts of "big boy" stuff like sitting up and laughing at his siblings but he still has no teeth, though he's been teething for ages. Katie took these pictures today whilst Daddy make Asa smile. :-)
I get such a warm feeling when I watch how all of the other children dote on him; every new thing he does is greeted by a crowd of smiling faces. I think it must be a very nice thing to be the youngest child in a big family. :-) I am blessed never to have known "sibling rivalry", I can't imagine the heartbreak of a family in which siblings are resented instead of cherished. I'm afraid that perhaps sometimes in trying to prepare a little one to be a big brother or sister that parents inadvertently introduce ideas of sibling rivalry. There are a plethora of books that go the "affirmation" route with dialogue that runs something like this:
Johnny: "I hate the new baby, can't we take her back to the hospital?"
Mom: "I know it's hard Johnny that you can't have Mommy all to yourself, I understand how you feel. Just you and I will go to the playground this afternoon once Daddy's home."
Read that book a few times and your own "Johnny" will have all sorts of ideas running through his mind that you might wish otherwise. Our new baby preparation goes more like this: I affirm that a new baby is a wonderful blessing and how great babies are, I talk about what a big help the child can be to me in caring for the baby and I talk about what God expects. That's pretty much it. I *never* affirm any sinful thoughts, I'll be blunt here, some thoughts just aren't okay. Hating a new baby that God says is a blessing is not acceptable. I know that parents mean it well, but if you affirm wrong feelings in a child then you can only expect an adult that thinks all of his wrong feelings are okay. That will quickly lead to a society of selfish grown ups that have never really grown up.

Happy 6 months birthday little man, we love you!

Friday, March 12, 2010

But I don't *want* to save time!

Ready or not here it comes, the annual disruption of your body's clock known as Daylight Saving Time. I detest DST, it throws off bedtime, mealtimes, milking schedules, school schedules and I definitely don't cotton to anything that robs me of sleep. So this year we decided that our strategy is going to be no strategy, we simply aren't going to change our clocks. We couldn't come up with a single good reason to, we aren't in society enough to make it worth the disruption to ourselves, so we will keep "slow time". Mr. G will leave for work at 4 instead of 5 and he'll be home by 9 instead of 10. That's nice! So with that decision made I could turn to other pressing matters like finishing off syrup and dyeing Asa's wool soaker. It was the white one that he had on in the amber teething necklace picture. I like white and everything, but it looked dingy in a hurry so I dyed it with walnut hulls and it changed to a beautiful, non-toxic, golden brown. Mmm, I love brown. :-)

But back to the syrup. This year doesn't look like it's going to turn out much better than last year. The optimal sap flowing conditions are days above freezing and nights below freezing, instead this year has been eons of Winter and boom! 60 degree days. The weather man says cooler nights ahead so perhaps all is not lost. We do have seeds started indoors and that's cheerful and we did get the yard cleaned up today so that's good too!

I am still going to do the "ask me no questions I'll tell you no lies" (ha ha) meme but I haven't gotten around to it yet. It seems like I had more to say but I'm having a hard time remembering what it was....... anyway, have a lovely weekend!