Wednesday, November 24, 2010

God's Provision

This isn't actually a Thanksgiving post but rather one that I wanted to write 2 weeks ago, however our computer died, was resurrected, died again and has been hopefully brought back to life again for a while. Never a dull moment. :-) Anyway, I was thinking about being thankful toward God for His provision, not just about material things but for the people He brings into our life. I was considering the marriage relationship, the oneness of a husband and wife and how often I let myself get sidetracked from the mystery that is marriage. A relationship, by the way, that God uses to illustrate His relationship with us, isn't that amazing? But I'll dwell on the things that Mr. G does that irritate me instead of being thankful toward God that He has allowed me to be loved by this wonderful man. Are you thankful to be loved? I'm not always. Shame on me.
I have also been blessed to be the mother of 9 gifts given to me directly by God in order to see Him more clearly. Nine little souls entrusted to me. I am very unworthy, I shouldn't even be trusted to do the laundry let alone be steward to human souls, and yet God has and does. Sometimes I see through the glass darkly and the way seems pretty unglamorous. I feel tonight that I want to encourage everyone to look around them at their families and press it upon your hearts that God placed these people in your life intentionally. It wasn't a fluke or happenstance. And we should be overflowing with thankfulness to God for loving us enough to give us all that we need to grow in godliness. Amen and amen!

Monday, November 1, 2010

A haircut gone awry

I got a haircut today, my first honest-to-goodness professional haircut in a long time. I have had long hair for decades, I *like* long hair. But, what started as a homegrown "just trim the ends off" spun wildly out of control, when I saw it I felt like throwing up. :-) So, first thing this morning I called and got an appointment to try to fix the damage. The result is this.

It barely skims my shoulders and I feel somewhat like a shorn sheep. Mr. G loves it and said all kinds of nice things about it but I feel So like this isn't me. I needed the catharsis of a blog post, the need to throw it out into cyberspace to see what the consensus is.