Wednesday, December 31, 2014

In With The New

     So, this is it; the end of 2014 and I can't say that I'm sad about it either. 2015 will be the year that my first child marries, the year that my 3rd and 4th children graduate and the year when, hopefully, I get a real kitchen. I have a few resolutions: to cut out the remaining HFCS from my diet, to be faithful in my exercising and to leave comments on the blogs that I read. I've really been thinking about that last one lately, I'm guilty of enjoying blogs and never telling the authors so. I want to take a minute to say good post, thank you, well said, or whatever.

     In other news we are excitedly planning the garden, I'm finally going to put in strawberries, 2 varieties I think. And..... we're getting bees again! Asa is SO excited, he's getting a little beesuit which he even wants to wear to execute his ring bearer duties. :)

     Also, I've changed this blog to allow pinning again. A lot of traffic ends up here from previous pins and that's a positive thing.

    Our family wishes yours the happiest New Year imaginable!


  1. Good post, thank you, well said, or whatever.
    How's that?
    (heh heh heh - - just kidding, my friend!).
    Happy and bless'd New Year to you and your whole family.

    1. Thanks Ken, to you and your whole clan as well!