Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thornburgh Hall

     Our house finally has a name and a website. I was asked when we first bought the house if I was going to name it and I emphatically said NO, this house is hardly grand enough to merit a name. But two years have passed  and we've discovered so much more about this place and the people who built it in that time. Though the house might be a derelict wreck, we're making great strides toward restoring it based on what it was in 1850 and though there are many, many houses finer and grander in its day it was something pretty special. When construction was completed in 1850 this was a respectably fine house befitting the social station of a Senator, contrast that with Frances Hodgson Burnett (author of The Secret Garden, The Little Princess, and Little Lord Fauntleroy) who lived just down the street in a log cabin! So I named the house after this family, as a tribute to them, as seems fitting.

You can find out all about the history of the house, what we're doing to restore it, as well as how it's decorated at:

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