Monday, January 11, 2021

Is anybody still out there?

 This blog has been inactive for so long that I'm not sure who is out there even reading blogs anymore. If you are still blogging, please drop me a line. If you'd like to read my new blog send me an email at

The "romance" of social media has worn off and I no longer have a presence on Facebook or Instagram, I'm going to return to recording my thoughts via blogging. It will take a bit to get back in the groove, but I'm committed to not contributing to the idiocy of social media anymore. 


  1. I am still here - - and I would be very happy to help promote your new blog.

  2. The link to your email, for some reason, would not work for me, but I am interested in seeing it.

  3. I just looked for a picture on my old blog & saw your post. I always did enjoy seeing your projects & have wondered how your house turned out.