Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shoes and dresses

Finally, this week, after a long wait, I got my Robert Land boots! I'm so thrilled. The really neat thing is that he made them just for me, how rare is that?!? An actual shoe maker made my shoes. OK, so other people probably think I have a real problem with the stuff that I get excited about; but I can't help it! Here's a picture because I knew you'd want to admire them for yourselves.
My other great project has been to finish up the dresses that the girls need for ---. I finished Katie's on Monday and Rebekah's today. Rebekah's is for her birthday and I'm pretty proud of the fact that I got it done with 11 days to spare. Now I need to sew her pinafore. Here are their pictures.
Katie's really laughing here; hence the look on her face!


  1. Beautiful...Beautiful...BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I love the boots and I live the dresses but the girls are the prettiest!! Mrs.R

  2. I have some Robert Land's and they are the most amazing things to have! Wish I was rich and had one pair each style and color!