Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Snowy day

Yesterday and today we had our first snowfall of the year. We don't get much accumulation here but we make the most of what we do get! Micah and Levi wanted Aleks to help them build ships and then take them down to the creek. They set them a-sail and then fired at them with the BB gun trying to sink them. Levi made the argument that it wasn't fair to use the sight because cannons weren't equipped with them and it gave an unfair advantage. He maintained this policy until the battle got too fierce and then he broke down and aimed with the sight. ;-)

Elisabethe and Abigail got out of the bath and after they were freshly braided they decided to have "Church". They got down their song books and proceeded to go through their repetoire which consists of: Jesus Loves Me, God's Love Is Like A Circle, Come And Dine, and snippets of other tunes. It's so sweet to hear their singing!

Since we are homechurching again we've compiled our own "songbook" in a three ring binder. We thought it would be best to begin with the old songs that don't require the women to sing one thing and the men something different (what is that called anyway?) So far we have "Oh For A Heart To Praise My God" 1742, "All People That On Earth Do Dwell" 1500's, and "Praise To God, Immortal Praise" 1772. I want to add some of the old carols this week as well. These songs are meant to be sung slowly and I'm pretty sure that we sing them slower than most people would, but we find it helpful to meditate on the words rather than just race through the songs. That seems to defeat the intended purpose, doesn't it?
Since Thanksgiving is just around the corner we've brought out our meager Thanksgiving/Pilgrims/Early Settlers/Native American books out. We also have a set of Indians and canoes and horses that they haven't played with since last year when we read aloud The Sign Of The Beaver, they really enjoyed that story. The Story of Sarah Whitcher is another wonderful, true story that we like! On the food front, we have two turkeys that are going to be butchered early next week, they are an old heritage breed from Rhode Island called Narragansett. They aren't broad breasted like a Butterball but they are so flavorful, I can't wait!

I love Thanksgiving, it is good to reflect on all of our mercies and give thanks afresh!


  1. We got our first snow yesterday, none stayed.... :D
    The girls look so sweet playing church. My sisters and I used to do that all the time when we were little. :)
    I believe your talking about parts in the songs. When we have home church we try not to sing songs with parts..... :p


  2. Mrs. G,

    What beautiful children you have! What are their age ranges?

    Do you butcher your own turkeys?

    One more question for you--is your husband as into raising your children with church and prayer as you are? I was curious because so many men aren't, and it is so hard if both parents are equally yoked in that respect.

  3. How fun! I like the boys activity the best. The tomboy in my rears it's head from time to time, especially when guns and the like are concerned :-) Your children are adoreable.

  4. Zebu, they are: 18, 15, 12, 12, 10, 8, almost 5, and almost 3.

    We no longer butcher our own turkeys because there is an Amish family close by who has an automatic plucker and they butcher for $3 a turkey; which is money well spent!

    I'll let Mr. G answer the religion question himself.

    I run the home church service our family has, I am the song leader (though my wife chooses the songs)and the main teacher in our service. I follow the New Testament Church model found in Acts. I teach on a subject (for the past 4 weeks we've been on the topic of "how does a Christian act?") and the whole family contributes, we have a friday night Bible study that also incorporates all the family in the discussions. We have some great talks and generate a lively discussion about Bible times.

  5. Lauren, yes they are certainly into manly pursuits, lol! If guns are to your liking you should have been here this morning. We've had a renegade chipmunk who took up residence in our root cellar. He took nibbles from the potatoes and a bite of many different squashes but finally this morning he went down in a blaze of glory! He has eluded capture for the longest time and I think liked appearing in front of the boys only to escape before they could get him. ;-)

  6. I LOVE the boy's boats! What a fun pastime! And you are so lucky to get snow! The girls are too cute! I need to pull out our Thanksgiving books too. We just have Sarah Morton's Dayu. This is the best time of year!

  7. We got our first snow the past few days. I am very intrigued by your chickens since they are a R.I. breed (I was born in R.I.) and my grandpa lives in Naragansett, which is one of the most homelike, familiar towns to me! :)

    I also appreciated the description of your home church. We are tending that way ourselves right now since we feel we should not "force" ourselves to go church where church leadership is poor, unbiblical and basically a social club and gossip session. :(

  8. Sarah Jane,
    That's interesting that you're a Rhode Island native, that's where my family originally settled when they first came to the New World. They were original settlers in Westerly, RI and helped found and build the 7th Day Baptist church there.

    I know what you mean about church and it's very sad. I know so many people who are home-churching for that very reason. Too bad we're so widely scattered, it would be so nice to be in a local body together. God bless you and yours.