Saturday, March 14, 2009

My rival

I have long understood that Mr. G has a penchant for a certain type of female that I am not. The kind with fawn colored hair and brown eyes with long lashes, but still, the pain of being replaced still smarts somewhat. I now have a rival for his affection and what's worse, he's brought her here to live! What's even worse than that is that I like her too.

There she is. Would you be won over by that face? She came to live with us yesterday and we've named her (after much discussion) Tansy. I wanted to name the cows after herbs and flowers but something more original than Buttercup and Daisy. Other names we considered were: Angelica, Meadowsweet and Senna, but Tansy seemed the best fit for her.
She is five years old and is a dream to milk. No kicking, no dancing around, no knocking the bucket over, nothing. Since she doesn't have another cow to be with we've found that she's becoming attached to the children, she bawls when they leave her, so they visit her often. She's one of the smaller sized Jerseys, which is what we wanted and such a sweetheart, who could not love her?


  1. She is so cute! i don't know much about cows, but I've always liked Jerseys.

  2. She's adoreable!!! I've always wanted a cow, we need land first though. How cute! I love her name too.

  3. Paris, I love the way you wrote this! lol It reminds me of a story I wrote several years back about Bob's "other woman," the green Cadillac. I'll be posting it as a column for the paper later in the spring.

    Pretty cow. ;)

  4. How cool is that?
    No cows in Eastpointe, that's for sure!

  5. I'm so jealous!! I dream of the day when we have a cow.

    Tansy fits her just right, I think! I love her name!

  6. Ooooh, very loveable indeed!