Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This is for you, Mom!

This post is mostly written for my Mom since I promised I'd post pictures of Katie's cakes and kind of, um, forgot. ;-) Katie has been learning cake decorating from a local lady and these are her first 2 cakes. Below the rainbow would be the birthday child's name, but since this was only for practice she left the name off. And this is the cake she did today, it looked very lovely in person, the pictures don't do it justice. She is certainly enjoying learning this art and I will gladly hand the cake decorating reins over to her!


  1. Wow, I especially love the second one! I decorated cakes for a summer at the bakery I work at but didn't continue to pursue it because it made my back and shoulder hurt ): It was fun creating pretty (and yummy!) things though!

  2. The cakes are so pretty, especially the second one.

    In regards to the so called "epidemic", I tend to agree with you.


    Lady M

  3. It must be so much fun to see your children develop their talents! The cakes are beautiful! Thanks for the health link too, I signed up for his newsletter because every time you have referred to him I really like what he has to say!