Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Coolness Extraordinaire!

As I might have mentioned previously, I haven't had a refrigerator since last Summer sometime. We had a brand new refrigerator that lasted, oh, two years maybe and then gave up the ghost. Life is too short and money too precious to repeat that mistake and besides, new appliances just aren't me, ya know? Anyway, I didn't sweat it through the Winter, we just stored perishable items in the snow, but with warm weather here I got some added motivation to find a mechanical means of keeping food cold. Enter my circa 1949 General Electric Refrigerating Machine. I've used these beauties before and they last *forever* so I was happy to purchase another! It was in very rough shape and had quite a bit of rust, but Mr. G refurbished it for me complete with a new paint job. I'm in love. Mr. G's pretty nice too. ;-D
Mine is close to the model in the upper left of this 1949 advertisement.
It is still missing a drawer and the bottom shelf but I'll keep searching until I can find a suitable replacement. Don't you just love the freezer?
Levi bought me an early Mother's Day present this week of 2 Old Hickory knives, they are so sharp and work so well I can't believe how lucky I am! My old knives were in a pretty sad state so these were much needed and appreciated.
In other kitchen/canning news this week the girls and I have canned 14 quarts of chicken stock, 7 quarts of beef stock, 7 quarts of split pea soup and tomorrow we are doing baked beans. I am tired but pleased at the cans rapidly filling the shelves!
The chicken has onions and carrots in it for easy chicken gravy over biscuits, chicken pot pie filling, or chicken soup. That's a good feeling!


  1. I LOVE old appliances, not only for their durability but for their look. DH is scared because he knows that I want my next stove to be a vintage model. Ha!

  2. Soooo cool! I love it! It is absolutely adorable and looks like it will serve you well. Congrats on getting so much canned! I have several people collecting and saving canning jars for me now so we'll see how much I get put up this year. . .I never thought about canning soup. What a great idea for a truly "fast food" meal!

  3. Zebu, I've had the most *gorgeous* 1930's gas stove for about 8 years now but I've never used it because we don't have natural gas here. It's a beaut though!

    Sarah Jane, I'm not a huge fan of canned food because it's so nutritionally depleted but for quicky lunches canned food is great! My soup is so thick, it's condensed almost solid so it will need water added, but I use less jars that way. Good luck on canning this year!

  4. Love the new to you refrigerator!