Tuesday, August 17, 2010

1830's Child's Frock

This is the 2nd of the 3 dresses that I am sewing for Rebekah. I asked her what she'd like and she wanted an 1830's dress with gigot sleeves, I'm always happy to comply with their wishes provided that I actually know how to sew for the era that they want. So far so good, nobody has yet requested a flapper dress! I'm doing the dressmaking a bit differently this year, instead of sewing a gown for each girl and then going around again with a dress for each girl etc, this year I'm sewing all of Rebekah's dresses and then I'll do all of Tabitha's and so on. I have the last of Rebekah's already cut out and a small bit of progress completed.
Rebekah's gown is actually an aqua and brown woven cotton but it "reads" green. It has an open neckline, but not so wide as to be immodest; across the bodice is a shirred piece cut on the bias and held in place by 3 fabric loops.
The shoulders are slightly dropped but not as much as would be the fashion 30 years later. I drafted the sleeve pattern for the gigot sleeves, but they are of a moderate size. Sleeves in the era could be enormous, but these are a practical and functional as well as historically accurate size.

The dress closes down the back, however in these pictures it is only pinned, I'm undecided on whether I want to make dorset buttons for it or opt for mother of pearl. She is wearing it with 3 petticoats to give her skirt the support that it needs to look well.


  1. Mrs. G your little gal is beautiful!!!! Oh how I have always wanted a romatic dress and its so wonderful you sew for your children! My sister and I had to learn together to sew, since our mother never did. She has learned from us! :) So I think its lovely you sew for your children! what a blessing and they will always remember how they were so pretty in lovely dresses! Its a beautiful dress and what a pretty smile from your gal!

    Great job and I just love it!

  2. WOWSA! That is positively *gorgeous*! My absolute favorite yet, Paris!!! Keep up the beautiful work!

  3. Beautiful! All little girls should look like this.

  4. Beautiful!! Every little girl would feel lovely in a dress so nice.

  5. I happened upon your blog and was captivated by the young misses' dress you are making.
    I also enjoyed the post on honoring our past for in the words of Oliver W. Holmes, "we are but the some of our ancestors..."


  6. I love this dress!! Oh, how I want one for Victoria. :) Rebekah is such a beautiful little girl. What a lovely frock.


  7. Perfect and very pretty - I love this moderate version of the 1830's, it's very charming.

  8. Paris,

    What a lovely dress, and how refreshing that you dress your children modestly. :) There is a show on TV, Project Runway where the judges actually talk down the designers for not being risque enough. I'm paraphrasing them; that isn't the wording that they use. But, it seems that "fashion" these days is all about how much you can show and how tight the clothes can be. Very sad, indeed. Thank you for your good example. :)