Monday, October 18, 2010

Perry Cider

We reached another Fall milestone last week when we pressed apples for the first and only time. Actually, we have "perry cider" not just plain cider this year. Our neighbor brought over 4 bushels of pears which we pressed along with the apples (pressed pears being perry) and the yield was 67 gallons! We use the community press here in our community and the cost for the 67 gallons was $43, over half of that charge was the plastic gallon jugs that we brought it home in, the actual pressing charge is a pittance. I was very pleased with such abundance and as of Sunday evening we have it all canned. A few jugs got a bit of a "nip" to them, the children love this stuff, it fizzes like pop and Sunday morning they were drinking it for breakfast. :-D I have so many half gallon jars full and it makes a very striking sight, but our camera isn't feeling up to par and doesn't want to take any pictures. A have a few of the jugs set aside for vinegar making; hopefully the camera will straighten up before then so I can take pictures step by step. Making vinegar is an important part of homestead life and being able to home manufacture it will be a boon for food preservation should very hard economic times become a reality.
Saturday was my 40th birthday and we spent it rearranging the living room and moving chicken fence in anticipation of getting 30 more layers. In the Winter we bring the dining room table and benches into the living room so that we can eat where it's warmer, it makes a snug fit but it is also nice to have all evening activities center in one room, I like being all together. Our neighbor is giving us their 30 laying hens as they no longer want them so I will be raiding the recipe books for recipes heavy on eggs!
Sewing and knitting are carrying on as usual, but I don't really want to write about something that I can't take pictures of. I hope that situation will rectify itself before long.


  1. I really, REALLY enjoy these posts of yours.
    Just thought I'd let you know.
    By the way, happy birthday to you!

  2. Boy that sounds wonderful! I'm looking forward to your pictures. I'm finally knitting some things out of the wool we spun.
    I hope Mr. G. has found some work. ?

  3. Paris,
    I never had Perry Cider. I guess you could call it Perri-er, too! Sounds delicious.

    I also never heard of a community cider press. How, 19th century!

    Happy Birthday! Keep the posts coming. We love to live simply and a lot of folks need to bone up on their 'living off the land' knowledge in my opinion.


  4. Oh please Lord, heal her camera! LOL...I love seeing what you do in your home.

    Ps. We haven't forgotten about you all, I was so sick last week with a something that I could not do much of anything other than lay on the couch.


  5. Ken and MamaAnt, thanks!

    Ma, no he hasn't found a different job. He's still teaching *very* part time. :-(

    Frank, yes it is very 19th century. The press is Amish owned but it is used by all different kinds of people. There is a festive air there sometimes with seeing people that you know, helping others dump their apples or use the "pusher" to get the apples to the conveyor. It is a busy place and you will often have an hour or more wait. I took some pictures of it a year ago and blogged about it if you'd like to see it. :-)

  6. WOW!
    For lack of better words, that is awesome!!
    What a treat!
    I must admit in my sweet rural Utah, I have never ever seen a press. I wish I could have been there . . .

  7. Oh Happy Birthday! :) I can't wait to see your post on making vinegar. At the risk of sounding totally dumb, I didn't know you could make your own vinegar! Haha!

  8. Paris, When was the blog made? I will check it out.


  9. Amy, you don't sound dumb, sometimes I'm amazed at the things that can be made at home!

    Frank & Pam, the link is:

  10. Mrs. G,

    A belated happy birthday to you!