Monday, October 20, 2014

Conservo Steam Oven

I've been looking for a Conservo for a little while, scouring eBay and local antiques shops to no avail. There are always a few on eBay, but for more than I wanted to pay relative to their condition. Using auction zip I found one being sold at an auction in Georgia, bid on it and won!

Made by the Toledo Cooker Company and patented in 1907 it is made with a tin body and copper bottom. The bottom, filled with water, generates the steam that bakes the items within. A nifty, low tech kitchen "appliance", my present to myself for my birthday.

It came today and I wanted to try it out immediately, but I couldn't think of anything to bake. I mused a bit and decided to use up a jar of our homemade peach pie filling and make a cobbler. I had to bake it in two bread pans because the Conservo can't hold a regular size cake pan.

I knew from a friend's experience with hers that anything baked with one will be very moist, but a cobbler should bake up just fine, right?

YES! Light, fluffy, moist, steamy goodness. Perfection.


  1. You are posting again!!! So lovely! What a find and what delicious looking cobbler.

    Looking forward to reading about your sweet family and life again...

    Honey Hill Farm

    1. Shan, thank you! Life got busy and threw us some unexpected twists and turns, but I do hope to be blogging more regularly. I wasn't sure if anybody would even read this post, I've been away so long, thanks for commenting to let me know you're still there. :)