Thursday, September 11, 2008

Last of the potato harvest

After lunch today we all went out to dig the rest of the potatoes. Aleks is digging a root cellar to store them in, that's a dream come true for me! Katie took some pictures of the boys especially, since they haven't been in my blog before. This is Levi below.And Micah, Levi's twin. ;-)

And, greatest wonder of all, here is me! I don't think I've ever posted a picture of myself before because I almost never look good. Anyhow, that's me looking about as good as I'm able.


  1. Your boys are so handsome! I don't think I've ever seen a picture of them before, or you either! You don't look a bit older than me and I was imagining you as a matronly, comfortable, middle-sized, middle-aged lady with eight children. *blush* You are lovely! I can't wait til we have our own potato harvest next year!

  2. So nice to see what you look like! I ditto Sarah, Mrs. G makes me think of someone middle-aged, but you look just like me. And what a photogenic family!

  3. Hello!!

    Potato harvest looks fun we have sweet potatoes we are going to have to pick sometime. :)

    Thanks for posting a picture of your self. It's really nice picture!!!!

    God Bless!!

    Brooke W.