Sunday, September 21, 2008

Unexpected "blessing"

Upon coming home from Church the boys discovered where one of the missing banties has been, she went broody in the barn roof overhang and hatched out 6 babies. The children are happy, Mama is not. Chicks in September mean potentially freezing to death in the winter, plus, we were trying to thin down the flock so there won't be so many to feed. Anyway, they're here and that settles it. The children have spent the afternoon holding them and could only eat lunch in shifts so that somebody could "babysit" at all times.

Two happy girls. They didn't even change their dresses before racing for their turn to hold the new arrivals.


  1. The chicks are SO cute!!!!! So are the girls! ;)


  2. Aw, every baby is a blessing, even little chick babies. :) They are darling and sure made for some cute pictures!

  3. You're right, Sarah Jane. The next day another chicken mama strolled into the yard with 4 teeny tiny babies of her own. That's the end of the new arrivals, I think.


  4. Oh, what a mixed blessing,baby chicks are one of the most irresisible things! We had chickens until just a couple of weeks ago--we had them butchered (although they were layers)because I really didn't want 35 chickens over another cold winter! We will get new ones in the spring, but not so many!