Monday, May 25, 2009

Rebekah's yellow dress

I finished Rebekah's yellow dress today so I can check one more item off of my list! Anymore it takes me three days to finish a dress. Day 1: cut out bodice, sleeves (always hand hemmed) and waistband and assemble including neckline piping and completely finish neckline (also by hand). Day 2: rip skirt panels, iron and hand hem to proper length, put in 3-5 growth tucks and iron it all neat and pretty! Day 3: run gathering stitches or pin in pleats and attach skirt to outer waistband by machine, whip stitch inner waistband after ironing, make 5-7 hand made buttonholes (I don't like hooks & eyes) and attach buttons - usually china but occasionally mother of pearl. I used to work somewhat quicker but I find it easier to pace myself this way for right now. Rebekah's dress is following my favorite style for this summer, a gathered bodice, bateau neckline and cap sleeves. She will have silk ribbons at the shoulder but I didn't pin them on for this picture, I have some pretty yellow from Wooded Hamlet that will go well, I think. Her skirt is only 85" wide as I was short on fabric.

Her pettichemise sleeves really shouldn't be peeking out, I need to make sleeveless chemises for all the girls this summer but I'm pretty sure that I won't get it done. Maybe I can just pretend that I meant it to look that way!
I hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day!


  1. Dear Mrs. G.,

    The dress is so pretty! I also feel that pacing yourself while sewing a project makes it more enjoyable!

    Thank you for sharing.


    lady m

  2. Oh I love it!!! :)
    You make such SWEET dresses!

  3. Paris,

    Another lovely dress! I adore the styles that you dress your little people in. :)

    Have you ever seen the Bates family? They have 17 children, and one of the older girls sews their dresses.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  4. What a lovely dress. The color is so delicate and so perfect for spring/summer time and Rebekah looks beautiful in it!

    I really like how you break down sewing a dress into 3 different days. That is pretty much what I do as well. I too used to be able to work faster but with three little guys I just can't spend as much time each day on sewing projects as I used to.

    And I like the sleeves peeking out. :) They look like undersleeves, so I wouldn't worry about it! :) I think I remember Mrs. Clark saying it is okay if childrens undergarments show at the neckline/sleeves, since I had that problem with little David's first dress (the pink one).

    Soooo pretty!

  5. She's so cute! She looks happy to be wearing it too. I've given you an award for your blog if you'd like to play along!

  6. What a pretty dress! I love the color, and the style! Very nice.:)

  7. Mrs. G,

    I have given you a pass-along blog award. Come by my blog to pick it up!