Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Elisabethe's pink dress

After a long wait, to a 5 year old anyway, Elisabethe's pink dress is finally done! This is the fabric she picked out at Zinck's when we were there a few weeks ago; it was marked as a reproduction print but I'm unsure as to whether that's true or not. It's the same basic style as the other girls' but with no neckline gathering. The skirt is a very full 86" and the red silk ribbons match the red dots in the print. It has the requisite 3 growth tucks. ;-)

But, far more importantly, Elisabethe lost her first tooth last week!!! She has now officially entered the realm of "big girlness" and thrown off the trappings of little girlhood. I'm not really sure what all that entails except that she carries herself with a new dignity befitting her status. The proof is pictured below. ;-)


  1. So precious! The bows on the sleeves are the perfect touch!

  2. I love the ribbons on the pretty dress!

    It's so fun for them when they lose those teeth. ;)