Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy Day

I have been eagerly awaiting a package this week and today it came! My dear, sweet friend Sarah Jane had inquired about making a baby gift for us and so I had her make a few baby petticoats, however, she also wanted to sew something for me. That was such a treat! I had her make a wrapper so that I would have something comfortable to wear now and afterward. I put it on and it was *perfect*, she is a very talented seamstress to do such an impressive job on a garment she's never sewn before, for a person she's never made anything else for! So, I endeavored to get some pictures of it for you to see.

We were doing tomatoes today and Katie took this while I was watching the little girls run around.

This is the quintessential "belly shot". I look like I swallowed a medicine ball. :-/

And these are the adorable, tiny little petticoats. They are made with a yoke and snug right up under the baby's arms for added body warmth. The one on the left is cotton and the one on the right is wool. They tie in the back for the greatest possible adjustability, I love to look at them, they're so sweet!


  1. My wife wishes we knew about period clothing during the birth of our children. She says a wrapper would have been perfect for her!

  2. You look so happy and glowing! I love that fabric too, I have it in green :). Can't wait for the birth!

  3. Oh Paris, you are beautiful! No one would ever guess you are the mother of nine children. . .you don't look any older than eighteen. I love the picture of you standing on the porch looking at your little ones play. A perfect picture of motherhood/womanhood.

  4. Very nice pictures! Sorry to hear you are having blogger issues :(