Friday, November 27, 2009

Asa update

I'm shamefully overdue with getting the baby's measurements posted. Anyway, we took him for a check up at 6 weeks where he weighed 13 lbs 5 oz. That's a 4.5 lb gain in 6 weeks, the doctor said he was indeed obese. :-) He was off the growth chart that she showed us, however I found the WHO's growth chart specifically for boys and height and weight wise he was in the 85-95% both at birth and at 6 weeks. His infant chemises fit him until 7 weeks (barely) and then they were *tight* on his tummy and arms and so we put them away. Another milestone passed, that's bittersweet, isn't it?
This week he is 9 weeks old and though I don't have a weight for him he now has a 19.5" waist and is 25" long with a head circumference of 16". His blue homespun gown and his 1870's gown still fit, along with his 3 nightgowns, but that's all that he currently has. :-/ I have several of Sarah Jane's baby gowns and I tried a precious little wool one on him for Thanksgiving. It looked so sweet on him but I couldn't hook and eye it up most of the way down the back. He needs another few gowns but so do several of the girls, so I'll have to sew what I can, when I can.


  1. He's growing well! I'm sorry the woolen gown didn't fit him. If that is the one I think it is, little David wore it when he was a year old! :P

    I have a green wool gown I can send you that the boys wore last year. It will probably be too big right now but it sounds like he will soon grow to fit it!

  2. He's just adorable, Paris. I love his little expressions!

  3. Thanks everybody! We *are* very fond of him. :-) I do look at him and his bigness with a sort of shocked awe as none of our others were anywhere near this big. Sarah, I wanted to ask if you might have anything in a size that might fit him.