Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Heart's Desire

Katie has been diligently laboring over her new gown and finally completed it last evening! It is the Past Patterns darted bodice pattern, but she made it with a gathered bodice instead as cottons weren't generally darted in the 1860's. Since this is an "every day" dress and because we don't wear hoops around the house, she models it over petticoats as that's how it will actually be worn. Her next project is sewing a few more petticoats, both plain and tucked, which will give the skirt more loft. I can't begin to say how impressed I am with her sewing ability, she has really come into her own over the past year! She has such a positive attitude about sewing and takes correction so patiently with a willingness to rip things out and redo them until they're just right. I couldn't be more pleased or proud!

The collar is one of mine and the cuffs she made herself, they are basted in so that they can easily be removed and laundered. The blue silk ribbon is more of a young person's style, it wouldn't be something that I would wear, for instance.

I wanted her to get my bonnet out and try it on, it gets so little use. I think it frames her face just beautifully. Bonnets really need to come back in fashion, don't you think? They are just so lovely and feminine.

If you remember a couple of posts ago how I was mentioning about the bad attitudes of people toward their children and especially teenage girls, you will understand the title of this post. My heart's desire is that my children will listen to their inner light and follow what God would have them to do, I pray that they will be diligent, hard working, humble, practice self denial, and strive for holiness. I have 2 teenagers that have exceeded my expectations and make me so proud as well as set a wonderful example for the younger 7 to follow. They really have "risen up and call me blessed".

A very thankful,

Mrs. G


  1. Oh my goodness! Katie did a spectacular job on this beautiful dress and she looks wonderful in it. Great fabric, fit, and construction! It is simply perfect!

    The bonnet is gorgeous too. Did you make it?? I have always failed at prior attempts to make fashion bonnets so I don't have one, but I agree, they are lovely and definitely need to come back in fashion!

  2. Absolutely lovely! Beautiful work Katie! You have such a proud mama, but also many blog-friends who are proud as well. Congratulations - I can't wait to see more.

  3. She's just gorgeous! What a lovely young lady.

  4. What a pretty dress and Katie looks lovely in it. You must be so proud. God Bless!

  5. She is so pretty!! She did an awesome job on her dress. It fits so good!!!!
    I'm making myself another petticoat also. Its going to have around 15 tucks, I think. :D We'll see how it goes... :/


  6. Katie looks absolutely beautiful in her new dress! She did a wonderful job.

  7. Oh that's beautiful! I love that fabric! And Katie looks so pretty in it!

  8. Katie did such a good job on her dress! I am so impressed with how this one turned out! Great job!

    It is great to hear from a blessed momma too :D


  9. The dress is beautiful! I love the bonnet too, and feel the same way - they really should come back in style! :) A lovely blog!

  10. Dear Mrs. G,

    I have so enjoyed your fall-time posts. What a wonderful job Katie did on her gown. Oh, and how lovely the bonnet. Indeed, I as well wish that they would come back in style.

    What a bless-ed family you have; I am sure it is due to their wonderful God-fearing mother and father. :)

    Blessings to you.