Friday, January 15, 2010

Homegrown Underwear Ad

I'm a wool lover, I think there's nothing better than a body clothed in wool for warmth. We have wool socks, wool petticoats, wool caps, wool gloves and mittens, and everybody has a wool coat. I wanted to buy the boys wool longjohns for Christmas, but the best price I could find was $25 per top or bottom. The thought of spending $150 to outfit 3 boys in wool was sobering and in the end I didn't buy them. My parents had the wonderful idea to check their Army Surplus store and they found wool longjohns for $3 a piece! They bought 6 sets because the price was so good, mailed them out to us and today they came!!!

They also found nice, thick wool socks and sent them as well. Also included were tons of socks for the girls and some hometown newspaper clippings, it's good to have Grandparents to love you! Thanks Mom and Dad!


  1. We buy surplus stuff from militaries all over the world from Sportsman's Guide. Some recent purchases: wool mittens with a separate trigger finger(Swiss), thick cotton long johns (Swedish), wool blankets, and cotton nightshirts (Swedish). The prices are reasonable and the quality is unbelievable. It's worth every penny.

    Those long johns look nice and warm and comfy.

  2. They sure look warm and comfy.