Sunday, August 10, 2008


We had our first and only event this weekend, the annual ---- reenactment. ---- is located in the --- and actually has a very interesting history, you can read about it ---. Unfortunately the event itself can best be described as mediocre; and that's being kind. Still, I got to meet some people who frequent the Sewing Academy and it was nice to put names to faces. First was Bevin Coggeshall, then Glenna Jo Christen, Bill Clark, and finally Kay Gnagey. Mrs. Gnagey asked the children to be in the fashion show on Sunday to illustrate how period correct children ought to be dressed. They were quite excited to be asked. We videoed the whole thing but didn't take any still photos (sorry Angie ;-) ) Bevin, Chris and Bill brought a croquet set and Tabitha and Rebekah enjoyed playing on the lawn.

As you can see, somebody else thought this was worth photographing, I didn't mean for him to be in the picture but, so it is!

These are some girls who were interested in trying on Tabitha and Rebekah's bonnets. Their Mother hadn't brought her camera so I took the picture and e-mailed it to her.

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